30 Songs in 30 Tagen

Locked home Project 15.4-14.5.2020


Liebe Freunde handgemachter Musik

Uns allen geht es zur Zeit ähnlich. Abwartend, ungeduldig, eingeschränkt... und auf sich selbst konzentriert.

Auch das Spielen mit meiner Band Blue Acoustic Flavourist zur Zeit unmöglich. 

Deshalb habe ich mich entschlossen, ab  kommenden Mittwoch jeden Tag einen Song von Robert Jackson (Text) und mir in einer bisher unveröffentlichten Fassung zu präsentieren.




SONG 30/30 Cutouts part 1


the project is over.a great time to redefine some older songs, to interpret some from my band "blue acoustic flavor" i a different way and create some new material which i have never played before. every take was recorded and filmed on the same day or night i put it in you tube or facebooked. thanks for the likes, the comments and last but not least the listenings and watching.




SONG 29/30  Flotsam jetsam


Dieser song entstand, nachdem ich einen völlig mit Plastik überfluteten strand gesehen hatte...




SONG 27/30  the dream to be (Reprise)


one of my favorits cause of the mandocello at 2:50. i love, love, love this tune! this version is a little different to the same song we played with my band blue acoustic flavor. Enjoy!



SONG 26/30  prelude 2.cellosuite, J.s. Bach


today i play something total different. an instrumental i always loved. that`s the only tune i wished i have written.




SONG 25/30  Time to run

dieser Song bedeutet  mir sehr viel. Geschrieben wurde er zur Zeit als die ersten Flüchtlinge Europa erreichten und Empathie für viele nicht nur ein wort war.

This song means a lot to me! It was written at the time when the first refugees reached Europe and empathy was not just a word for many.

"...how would we feel, live a culdesac, would we worry they might send us back. Work forbidden `till we`re bonafide back at home. They can`t see an end in sight... we struggle to imagine, that it is really so bad. Having trouble understanding why they left the life they had. overlook their trauma, their vulnerability, that they`re really losing so much more than we can see."




SONG 24/30   the wonky bronky blues


this song was written long before cover 19 while having a bronchitis.

today i worked it out to sound a little bit like a bluegrass song. but there are also other options to me... maybe i will publish a different version soon.




SONG 23/30   Funny rabbits


here is a sketch of a new instrumental. the idea was born while watching rabbits near my house.




SONG 22/30   wiry girl


a lovesong agout a hard working woman.





SONG 21/30   gateway to hell


another tune i never played live or arranged it - until today. i love the moon and most of the material is improvised. it is inspired by the fires in California. 




SONG 20/30   fretless friend


a song about a great guitar player i really love!



SONG 19/30   frydays hornpipe


Ein instrumentalstück an dem ich gerade arbeite.





SONG 18/30   In between


dieser song besingt ein philosophisches Phänomen:

"Manchmal schafft Distanz mehr nähe und manchmal sucht man in der nähe nach Distanz."



SONG 17/30   Empty Chair


wir freuen uns auf die Bars und restaurants, um freunde zu treffen und Geselligkeit zu geniessen.


"..and altho it`s bizarre while you`re there at the bar, hugged by your friends an shaking hands..."



SONG 16/30   the firmament is permanent


One of my favorits!

"... the grand design still has a line we all will have to cross, why it `s so i still don`t know, you just have to ask the boss..."




SONG 15/30   my playing cards 


this song was written out of gratitude to many people i have met in my life.




SONG 14/30   the Journey


an Instrumental i wrote these days while sitting at home and remembering the feeling of leaving hometown find new ways to live.




SONG 13/30   little lady





SONG 12/30   Pictures on the Wall


"...die Bilder an der Wand erzählen nicht immer die ganze Wahrheit, oft lassen sie die dinge heller erscheinen als sie es wirklich waren..."


"...it`s the pictures on the wall they never seem to want to tell it all

often making things appear much brighter than they were in yesteryear..."



SONG 11/30   Rebel Moon


...will you sing your rebel song for the few still hanging on

who keep the home fires burning for all those now yearning for home



SONG 10/30   Musette


...die Melodie erinnert mich jedes mal an Paris im Frühling. sie lief einfach aus mir heraus. ich danke den Musen.

the melody reminds me of spring in Paris every time. it just ran out of me. i thank the muse.



SONG 09/30   the lighthouse keeper


"... auf diesem gottverlassenen Boden bin ich der leuchtturmwächter. mit meinem licht findet jeder seinen Hafen... und als Leuchtturmwächter trotze ich jedem Sturm... mien licht wird niemals verlöschen..."


"for i`m the lighthouse oaths god forsaken ground. very night it`s by my light that haven can`t be found. and as the lighthouse keeper i`m braving ev`ry Ry gale thru thick or thin, not giving in my light will never fail."




SONG 08/30   walk with him a way





SONG 07/30   The big cornharvester

Heute ein Bluegrass-Instrumentalstück, das durch einen Mähdrescher vor meinem Fenster inspiriert wurde. 

Today an bluegrass instrumental written after i heard a harvester in front of my window.




SONG 06/30   I Was true





SONG 05/30   I`ll see my baby tonight


„…SMS helfen zwar die Woche zu überstehen, sie füllen aber nicht die zwischenmenschlich entstandene Lücke…“ „…texting helped pass the week, got us thru it so to speak, could not help to fill the gap inside…“




SONG 04/30   The Hunt for happiness


Das Bild "Die Jagd nach dem Glück" von Rudolf Friedrich august Hennberg (1825-1876) in der Nationalgalerie Berlin hat mich zu diesem Instrumentalstück mit Mandola und mandocello inspiriert. The picture "The Hunter for happiness" ba Rudolf Friedrich August henneberg in the Nationalgalerie Berlin inspired me to this instrumental with Mandorla and mandocello.





SONG 03/30   itchy fingers


Mein Smartphone öffnet mir meine Isolation nach draussen und meine Finger jucken sobald es klingelt.

"long after midnight, lost in my dreams.
my smartphone's beepin', there's a message on the screen 
there's nothin' for it / i can't ignore it, it's for me …"




SONG 02/30   Written in the leaves


Manchmal fühle ich mich wie eine Wespe in einem Glas, die vor Raserei den Ausgang nicht findet.

"...looking for an opening that it`s frenzy doesn't see" till i tip whole glass over who will do the same for me..."



SONG 01/30   Arduous task


"...switchin channel, the screen remains the same... one bad footstep could have you on the street...".

Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass unsere Zeilen einmal solch eine Bedeutung bekommen werden. Aber wir schaffen das!