"A concert with Siggi Strack & Blue Acoustic Flavor is a very special kind of sound experience"
Siggi Strack looks back on a long musical journey in which he has recorded and left numerous and varied musical tracks.

In the 80s he founded the bluegrass band "Intro", with which he toured as a 16-year-old in Germany. His enthusiasm for the music of Django Reinhardt sparked curiosity about jazz and swing. After moving to Switzerland, he expanded his musical repertoire into a big band. With a Zug Coverband he accompanied numerous Popcovers with banjo, guitar and mandolin.

For his band Blue Acoustic Flavor, he composes and arranges music at the interface between pop, bluegrass, alternative country and jazz. This combination has already found many fans at numerous concerts.

Works are created that lead us from Europe to South America to tell us about the artist Frida Kahlo. A Scottish story interprets Theodor Fontane's ballad "The Bridge at the Tay".

Failure, hope, historical, everyday, longing and joy in life are interwoven in the songs and instrumental pieces to form a sound work of art.


Blue Acoustic Flavour


BLUE ACOUSTIC FLAVOR is a Swiss band that has been aiming to connect elements of bluegrass, swing, Irishfolk, singer-songwriting, country and jazz since 2014, primarily with their own songs and instrumental pieces.

This concept has worked!

In a short time, the band has already earned a large and interested audience.

Whether at the international top-class Willisauer Bluegrass Festival, the legendary Rattlesnake Saloon in Munich, an appearance at the water lily in Lucerne on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Swiss tourism, corporate events or on the numerous cabarets -

BLUE ACOUSTIC FLAVOR delights with playfulness, insightful stories, craftsmanship and a great variety of styles. The band always stays true to itself and ensures an evening with exciting songs and varied compositions. A sound journey of a special kind makes the program a unique experience every evening.