Siggi Strack looks back on a long musical journey, in which he dealt with numerous musical styles.


Already at the age of 16, he toured Germany with the Newgrass-oriented band "Intro". The aim was to play pop classics or rock tunes with bluegrass instruments. He discovered his love for the swing of Django Reinhard and played guitar in a big band after moving to Switzerland. In an Irishfolkrock formation he played banjo and began to compose by himself.


As a member of country and new country bands he enriched there as a multi-instrumentalist the tonal spectrum. In a Zug Coverband he accompanied numerous Popcovers.


In 2014 he founded his own band Blue Acoustic Flavor, for which he has since composed and arranged at the interface between pop, bluegrass, alternative country and jazz.


Together with the lyricist Robi Jackson he is writing all the songs for Blue Acoustic Flavour . Transatlantic music he calls his style – musical influence from europe and america. He tells it with guitar, banjo, violin, mandolin, mandolin, bass and vocals and soulfully intones everyday stories about desires, fears, expectations, joie de vivre, happiness, historical events or moving personalities.